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Yearning for a new life, a fresh start? How about the chance to be the first to settle and take part of the colonization of a new world in a distant part of galaxy? If you answered yes then you may have to wait a little while longer, or do you?

Today we took at Morten Tyldums’ new space drama onesheet“Passengers”, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen and Lawrence Fishburne. Jim Preston, played by Chris Pratt and Aurora Lane, played by Jennifer Lawrence, are two of over five thousand passengers aboard the starship Avalon

En route to the planet Homestead Colony, a new world in the far reaches of the galaxy that boasts the possibilities of a new life with a fresh start. The two are accidentally woken up from cryo-sleep after only thirty years, when a malfunction jeopardizes the ship leaving them as the only ones awake who can get the Avalon through danger. Jim breaks the news to Aurora that there is no way for them to return to sleep for the remainder of the one-hundred and twenty year trip, thus leaving them to live out the rest of their lives stranded in space.

Tyldum does a superb job capturing the dynamics of the two characters Jim and Aurora, and the relationship that is forced through fear, hopelessness, courage, strength and love. Pratt and Lawrence bring depth to their characters and play off one another terrifically with realism and warmth while the special effects and scenic cinematography of space are shot beautifully and simplistically making the unfolding drama and adventure plausible.

While critics seem torn over the film with mixed reviews and ratings, I give passengers four and a half out of five stars for its original and compelling story, onscreen chemistry between Lawrence and Pratt, character and relationship development, cinematography and the fact that you were left thinking about the film well after leaving the theater, which is what I suppose any great film should do.